The AeroNOx Nitric Oxide Delivery System is designed to delivery specific amounts of nitric oxide in a bedside or transport environment. The unit weighs about 10 pounds, and with the small "D" cylinder of nitric oxide, regulator and pressure hose, weighs about 22 pounds. The unit uses standard A/C electric power and should be stored plugged in. It has a rechargable battery that will last five to six hours at full charge.

The AeroNOx unit will deliver .01 to 100 ppm of nitric oxide by digital flowmeter. The unit has display monitors for nitric oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and oxygen (O2), that continuously sample delivered gas. The sampled gas is pumped to the sensors by a sampling pump.

The unit also has alarms for high and low nitric oxide, high nitrogen dioxide, with a silence feature of one minute. It has a back light for use in low light conditions, and an visual indicator for interrputed sample gas flow.

The system is compatible with continuous flow mechanical ventilators. It also includes a backup system for delivery of nitric oxide at 20 PPM when there are problems with the unit itself.

The AeroNOx unit and its delivery components should be are stored where they can be retrieved quickly. The unit uses the same calibration gases as the INOvent nitric oxide delivery system.

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This section covers the components for calibration of the AeroNOx unit, and the procedure for the calibration.
This section covers the components needed to setup the ventilator circuit for iNO delivery with the AeroNOx unit, and the associated equipment. The procedure for setup of the ventilator circuit iNO delivery equipment is also covered.
This section covers the components for delivery of iNO with the AeroNOx, and the procedure for delivery of iNO, as well as the use of the backup delivery system.